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One of the scourges of modern life is the computer algorithm that allows variable pricing according to demand. We have long since become used to airlines doing this, and now hotel web sites and B&B sites do the same. We have been told that supermarkets and shops will soon be using digital displays to price their items so that they can alter the prices throughout the day depending on peak demand times and/or an item’s popularity, thereby divorcing the price of the goods from their cost of production. Suppliers will simply charge whatever they think they can get away with. To paraphrase P.J. O’Rourke, who said quite some time ago, “The whole reason the computer was invented was so that we could make sure that no two people on any given flight would pay the same price for their ticket.” We could update that now to include just about everything we purchase. But race fees? As more and more organisers turn to online entry forms, technology is making it possible for them to use the same algorithms to price their race fees. This means that races that are in high demand will automatically become more expensive and that someone entering today may not be paying the same price as someone who entered yesterday or who enters tomorrow.

In its 60th anniversary year it seems the Mini has really captured the imagination of historic racers and it seems we will be seeing plenty of them in action this summer. With such demand at Goodwood that they had to run two Mini-only grids instead of one, there are also two races for the little car and a huge parade scheduled at the Silverstone Classic. While the Mini was a successful racing car, it was also a giant slayer in the rally world in the early ‘60s, with Paddy Hopkirk taking outright victory in the Monte Carlo in 1963. The Historic Rally Car Register runs a Mini trophy within their UK championship sponsored by Mini Sport of Padiham and Mintex brakes, and they report that they have a record 27 Minis registered in their Mini Sport Cup this year.


In one of the most significant changes to the administration of motorsport in the UK, Motorsport UK Council Members voted unanimously to approve new articles of association, which bring it in line with Sport England’s Code of Governance and best practice. The new articles see the Motorsport UK Board become the ultimate decision-making body in the governance of UK motorsport. This has historically been the role of the Motorsport Council, who will now become the body that informs and advises the Board on key issues affecting motorsport, helping to shape strategy and promoting the sport in the UK. The Board will be made up of a greater proportion of independent non-executive directors, in addition to the members representing the sport’s direct interests.

The Council will expand significantly to include representatives of a wider range of stakeholders, including motorsport venues, broader motorsport activities such as commercial karting and the motorsport industry in general. This will allow a greater range of views to be considered and ensure the governing body better reflects the whole sport. Another important decision taken by the Board was the appointment of Tom Purves as the new Chairman of the reformed Motorsport Council, taking over from Tony Scott Andrews at the end of his nine-year tenure. Purves has previously served as a Director of Motorsport UK and is also a former Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club.


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