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Historic Motor Racing News has traditionally organised and supported top quality racing series, including Gentleman Drivers (pre-'66 GT and Pre-’63 Sports Racing), Sports Racing Challenge (pre-'66 Sports Racing Cars), U2TC (Under two litre touring cars), 1000KM (sports prototypes 1964-1971) and Pre-'63 GT.

We have made available series’ archives of entry lists, results for all these series

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Pre-'63 GT

The crown jewel of the racing world, Pre-'63 GT was the first race of its kind with the now popular 1963 cut-off date.  First run as a one-off invitation race in 2009 at the Silverstone Classic, the winner was awarded  with the prestigious Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy for Historic Cars.  Some of the most beautiful, and also now most valuable, cars ever made continue to compete annually for the prestigious RAC TT Trophy at Classic Silverstone  - in 2022 on 26-28 August.  There also will be a Pre-63 GT race at the Thruxton Motorsport Celebration meeting on 11-12 June.  Motor Racing Legends handles entries for the races, but you may also contact Carol Spagg at Historic Motor Racing News directly for eligibility questions,  information and entries.

Motor Racing Legends.


Gentleman Drivers

Founded way back in 1998, for nearly a decade Historic Motor Racing News organised the Gentleman Drivers series of three-hour endurance races at the best tracks in Europe.  Always run to strict technical regulations, for genuine cars, driven by owner-drivers, it was immensely popular and grids were always oversubscribed. The Masters have run the series, which continues to thrive, since 2006.


Sports Racing Challenge (SRC)

For sports racing cars built between 1960 and 1965, the Sports Racing Challenge ran at the same race meetings as the Gentleman Drivers starting in 2003.  It was immediately a big hit, with full grids and great racing.  As always, longer two-driver races added to the opportunity to have fun.  Taken over by the Masters in 2006, SRC became a class in the Masters FIA Historic Sports Car Championship.



The famous series for under two litre touring cars ran from 2005 and attracted huge grids of Minis, Ford Lotus Cortinas, 1600 BMWs  and GTA Alfa Romeos, not to mention Volvo Amazon and Fiat Abarth, and was one of the most hotly contested series in Europe.  With finishers often just split seconds apart at the end of the one-hour races on circuits like Spa, Silverstone GP, Dijon, Monza, Imola and Algarve, the series has always attracted the top historic drivers.  The running of the series has been in the hands of Motor Racing Legends since 2019.

U2TC race administration is carried out by Motor Racing Legends.



The Historic Motor Racing News 1000KM series, gave sports prototypes from 1964-1971 the opportunity to run as they were intended, in long distance endurance races, where teamwork and strategy played a big part.  With Lola T70s, GT40s, Chevrons and invited GT cars such as Porsche RSR, the 1000KM races were always spectacular.  Historic Motor Racing News still runs occasional races for these cars on an invitation basis.