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Historic Motor Racing News is the only magazine published specifically for historic competitors.

If you need a complete race and rally calendar for European events, if you want to read reports of major race meetings and rallies with full results, if you want previews of upcoming events, details of eligibility and organisers' contact information, if you like to stay informed about FIA regulation changes and you want to be included in the discussion amongst competitors throughout Europe and beyond, then Historic Motor Racing News is essential reading. Now entering its 26th year of publication, each page is packed with useful and reliable information.

The readers of Historic Motor Racing News are part of a close-knit family, and like all families, the members care about one another. Our readers are often known personally to us and to one another, and we hope that some of what we lack in big budgets and lots of staff is made up for in genuine enthusiasm and useful and reliable information.

Unlike many publications, we do not just publish organisers' press releases, we go to events and we talk to those who were there to give the real story from the competitors' viewpoint. We welcome letters and emails, as we always want to hear what you have to say.

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