Nova Motorsport Takes over Manufacture of Avon Tyres

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Nova Motorsport has acquired assets, including the brand license, used in the manufacture and sale of a broad range of motorsport tyres under the names “Avon Motorsport” and “Avon Racing”, assuring a continuity of supply.

A Goodyear spokesperson told us, “We are pleased to bring further promise to the motorsport industry by announcing that we have signed an agreement with Turbalvoroco Unipessoal LDA, who will trade as Nova Motorsport (Nova).  By purchasing certain assets used in the manufacturing and sale of these products, the company plans to continue the production of some of the Avon Motorsport product ranges independently from us.  We were fully cognizant of the potential repercussions that the closure of our Melksham facility in the UK could have on some niche motorsport championships, hence we are pleased to have signed this agreement.  We are fully supportive as they industrialise production in the coming period.  We would like to take this opportunity to highlight that Nova will license the Avon Motorsport and Avon Racing brand names for use in connection with the production of certain Avon Motorsport product ranges.  Goodyear remains the owner of the Avon brand and this agreement does not change the brand’s position in Goodyear’s brand portfolio.”

Those who were at Retromobile may have had a chat with new tyre manufacturers Nova, who say their aim is to “revolutionise the world of premium competition and specialist tyres,” including tyres for historic motor sport.  The new company, founded by Paul Hallas, Managing Director of parent company, SPC Rubber Group (suppliers of rubber compounds to tyre manufacturers), is dedicated exclusively to competition and specialist tyres.  The brand’s stated ambition is to be the number one choice for specialist high-performance, low-volume automotive manufacturers, connoisseurs and private collectors.

With a newly established commercial headquarters in Holt, Wiltshire, UK, Nova Motorsport becomes the global supplier of the vast majority of “Avon Motorsport” and “Avon Racing” products.  Paul Hallas explained, “Our strategy is inspired by the opportunity to flip the motorsport tyre business marketing model on its head by focusing solely on low-volume racing and specialist tyres as the core of our commercial offering.  We are fortunate to start our new business with a recognised product and ready global reach through agents around the world.  This will help us to swiftly establish our presence as a ‘new brand with heritage’ in the industry.”

On the new team is former head of Avon Motorsport (Nova is Avon spelled backwards, geddit?), Paul Coates, who brings in-depth experience and understanding of numerous motorsport disciplines, including Formula 1, hillclimbing, rallying, rallycross, and historic.  He remarked, “Many of the world’s tyre manufacturers look upon the low-volume racing and specialist tyre sector as a marketing tool for their broader business.  For Nova Motorsport, this is our only business.  This gives us the flexibility, focus and dedication to deliver exceptional products with performance, quality, and customer service at the core of everything we do.”

After all the uncertainty of the last year, this means that Goodyear re-enters the historic market, Dunlop remains in the market (both marketed by Goodyear) and old Avon products will continue under the new team.

Included in the agreement with Goodyear, Nova has also taken over all the stock that was manufactured for 2024 and has already signed an agreement with Peter Auto to supply the Group C, Classic Endurance 1 & 2 and 2.0L Cup grids for the 2024 season.  It holds a stock of Avon CR6ZZs for the other series that require them.

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