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Heaving overcrowded metropolises where people live cheek by jowl and space is at a premium, traffic jams that put our European roads to shame, but also incredible architecture, vast open spaces, nature, mysticism and spirituality are all attributes of the seventh largest country in the world.  HERO’s upcoming 20-day, long-distance adventure rally to India is designed to explore as many facets of this fascinating country as possible, while reaming as much as possible, off the beaten track.  Starting in Mumbai on 16 February 2025, participants will visit monuments, such as the Taj Mahal, the splendours of Hyderabad, tigers in the wilderness, the beaches of Goa and the lakeside palaces of Rajasthan before returning to Mumbai and the elegant comfort of the Taj Mahal hotel 20 days later.  If you don’t know this country, and you would like to see the best of it, you could do worse than to view it all from behind the wheel of a pre-1985 car. 

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