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Real revival of the Rallye du Maroc in its World Rally Championship golden age, the Morocco Historic Rally offers the breathtaking roads, the warm welcome of an entire country and a spirit of camaraderie along with an exceptional car race. Competitors will be hosted in two cities, Marrakesh, where the rally will start and finish, and Essaouira on the coast overlooking the sea. According to organiser Yves Loubet, the 10th edition will be less demanding for men and cars and overall more friendly and festive, with 25 special stages, 45% of which will be new to the event. Welcoming cars up to 1985 with a few selected 2-wheel drive cars up to 1990 also accepted, entries close on

With 850kms of which over 300 are special stages, the Tour de Corse Historique very much follows in the tyre tracks of the original Tour de Corse of which it is a revival and a celebration. Each year in October over 200 historic car drivers line up for a five-day tour of the magical, mountainous island at the time of year when the weather is almost always crystal clear and still warm and mild. Open to cars up to 1990, there is a race class and a regularity category, and the competition in both is fierce with many ex-rally champions and regularity specialists taking part. Fighting for a win in one of the many classes, from period E (1947 to 1961), all the way up to the J2 cars of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the competitors all have one thing in common:

1955 was the year in which Jean Rédélé conceived the Alpine, a sports car with agile handling and good performance on tight and twisty roads, enabling the little Berlinette to win many events, including the Tour de Corse on four occasions. The new A110 that Rallystory principle and ex-rally driver Hervé Charbonneaux tested on these same roads lives up to its heritage. With half a century’s experience of organising rallies in Corsica, Rallystory invites all owners of Alpines - from 1955 to 2019 - to a special event, run on a friendly and non-competitive basis, with no special preparation required: the Alpine Rally. The programme includes three full days’ driving on the most beautiful roads of Corsica, from the Cap Corse, the Agriates desert, la Balagne, the Gulf of Girolata, the Calanques of Piana, the Mother-of-Pearl coast (following in the tracks of the World Rally Championship), to the jagged needles of the col de Bavella (3996ft) and Alta Rocca with the lion of Roccapina.

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