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Bengt-Åce Gustavsson fills us in on how the Scandinavian season is shaping up…

Historic Racing in Sweden:

All racing in Sweden was banned during April, May and June.  Now we are hoping that we can start racing in July, but we don´t know for sure.  I´ll give you the calendar as it looks today:  The opening round at Kinnekulle should have been raced in the middle of May, but is now moved to 5-6 September.  The biggest race, Velodromloppet GP in Karlskoga, is moved to 9-11 October.  Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting at Ring Knutstorp is now postponed to next year.  Our best hope is that the race meeting at Mantorp on 21-23 August will take place as scheduled, along with Falkenberg on 18-20 September.


The first round at Våler was cancelled and they are still looking for another date.  After the season-opener at Rudskogen on 26-28 June, we also think that they will run Rudskogen Asfalt Classic on 14-15 August and Våler on 4-6 September.


The opening round at Jyllandsringen was on 20-21 June.  It was meant that the Danish drivers should compete at Rudskogen in Norway in August, but that depends whether the borders are open or not… Next up is Ring Djursland on 5-6 September.  The final is planned at Ring Knutstorp in Sweden on 26-27 September, but that will also depend on the border opening.  The Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is now scheduled to run on 9-11 October.


The opening round in Kemora is moved to 25-26 July and for the moment the first races will be at Botnia on 4-5 July.  Hopefully, the Finn’s biggest race meeting, at Ahvenisto on 14-16 August, will take place as planned, along with the final at KymiRing on 5-6 September.

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