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The Vintage Sports-Car Clubs ‘Pomeroy Trophy’ held at Silverstone on Saturday 25th February has been won again by a ‘modern’. John Felstead driving a 2004 Subaru Impreza finished on 426.06 points closely followed by Martin Short in a 2021 Toyota Yaris GR on 415.2. The latter only lost out on the acceleration and braking Test C & D by a narrow margin. The winner of the Densham Trophy for road legal VSCC eligible Pre-war cars, Andrew Smith driving a Frazer Nash Super Sports, must be cursing his luck as, but for a 20 point penalty for a luggage infringement, he would have won overall.

Each car has to be able to accomodate the club suitcase or face a penalty and the
first tests need to be completed with an erect hood making for some awkward sights. Andrew Smith won the Densham Trophy for best VSCC pre-war car with his 1926/29 Frazer Nash Super Sports and would have won the Pomeroy Trophy outright had he been able to carry the required piece of luggage Photos Eric Sawyer

Held on a cold but dry day with afternoon sunshine the meeting took its usual form with four tests in the morning followed by 40 minutes on the Grand Prix circuit in the afternoon. Test A was the infamous ‘wiggle-woggle’ following a set route between cones to be passed on alternate sides, all timed of course. Test B is an acceleration and braking test, stopping in a ‘garage’. Test C is a standing start ¼ mile followed by a flying 250 metres, again, all timed.

Tony Lees wrestled his 1913/18 Vauxhall Viper through the ‘wiggle-woggle’ and the other tests to win the Pomeroy Edwardian Trophy

This shot of the the formation lap for the first high speed trial for the earliest cars and the shot below of the grid for later cars are a good illustration of the wide variety of cars attracted
by ‘the Pom’

Dougal Cawley, who turned up in a 1997 Lexus (left) came dressed for the winter weather

A spectator favourite was Chris Mann’s 1954 Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS Zagato Coupe

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