The International Concours d’Elegance, (The ICE) seems to have burst onto the concours scene from nowhere in just three editions, two of them curtailed from fully realising their potential by COVID. It’s creator, Marco Makaus is no stranger to the concours scene. A great classic car expert – as a collector, historian, author of articles and books, organiser of events, Makaus has held positions in Chrysler-Jeep, Marketing Director in the DaimlerChrysler Group, Director of Marketing for Chrysler Italy and Sales Director at Ferrari. As Brand Manager of Mini in Italy, he was involved with the Concorso Villa d’Este through main sponsor BMW Group. In 2011 he took over management of the Mille Miglia on behalf of the Automobile Club de Brescia.

Lamborghini, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, brought the one-off Miura P400  S “Millechiodi”, transformed, after it was damaged in an accident, by Milanese Lamborghini concessionaires Giovanni Sotgiu and Walter Ronchi into something much more racer-like. They used so many rivets to join the body panels that the car became known as Millechiodi (a thousand nails)

Best of Show: The Lancia Stratos HF Zero concept car was created by Nuccio Bertone for the 1970 Torino Motor Show. It was successfully used for marketing by Scuderia Lancia to promote its Lancia Stratos GT Stradale road car. The car is driven by a mid-rear mounted Lancia V4 engine from a Lancia Fulvia HF1600 Rally. At only 84 centimetres high Bertone drove the Stratos on public roads to Lancia’s offices, dazzling all who saw it, and marvelling at it himself when he drove it under the closed entrance barriers at Lancia’s racing department.


Amongst other category winners were the Maserati 420M/58 Eldorado created for the second 500 Miglia in Monza, held in 1958 from the Panini collection

With his connections and knowledge, he seems to have had no difficulty in persuading owners of some of the rarest and most beautiful cars on the planet to bring them to St Moritz in February for a two-day festival on ice, turning the frozen lake into an arena in which the owners could slip and slide to their heart’s content on day two and enjoy driving their beloved machines without barriers or danger. He also managed to attract prestigious sponsors, keen to show their cars to an elite public. Attracting 15,000 participants including drivers, collectors, enthusiasts, public and media from all over the world, it was a glamorous backdrop for the 48 cars that were presented in a setting that can only be described as unique for a concours.

Of course, this year it is illegal for any event that takes place in the world of classic and competition cars not to include a Le Mans 100th anniversary feature, and the Le Mans 100 Categlory went to the Ferrari 250 Testarossa Lucybelle from the Perfetti family, the car that came seventh in the 24-hour race in 1958

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