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More and more new concours are springing up all over Europe, each one vying to be in the most elegant and prestigious location, and each one claiming to be different and less static.  One recent addition, The International Concours of Elegance – THE ICE – which first happened in 2019 has truly found a unique venue and can certainly not be accused of being static.

With a venue like the frozen lake in St Moritz, the setting is certainly different.  It is also most definitely elegant, set in the wide and sunny Engadin Valley, surrounded by stunning nature, great skiing, and also by top-class hotels, shopping  and restaurants at the height of the winter season, when St Moritz is in full swing.  What’s more it  creates a unique opportunity that cannot be replicated for concours cars to drive on the frozen ice.  A quick look at some of the YouTube videos will give you an idea of how much fun people are having as they slide priceless cars through 360 turns without the slightest risk to themselves or their precious cars.  And precious cars there are.  Organiser Marco Makaus (ex-Mille Miglia boss, Concorso Villa d’Este and more), knows how to gather some unique and stunning cars, many of which are not seen elsewhere.   The list of categories, for next 23-24 February can be found at, and includes open wheel cars, barchettas, concept cars and more.

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