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The third day of the Rennsport Reunion  saw a hotly anticipated Porsche tractor race, with speeds peaking at 15mph.  Over the years, Porsche developed four engines, from one to four cylinders, and four models: the Junior, Master, Standard and Super.  The Master is the one you’d want for racing.  Despite the modest velocities, the race attracted a star field of current and former Porsche factory drivers, amongst them former IMSA prototype champion Felipe Nasr, GT ace Nick Tandy, Jeff Zwart, ex-Porsche works driver, Patrick Long and Jorg Bergmeister in a race that featured a traditional Le Mans start.

2023 Porsche Rennsport 7

  “Well, that was about the most fun you can have at 15mph,” said Tandy, who is also a professional farmer.  “It’s all about maintaining momentum.  I thought my aero balance was pretty good and I definitely got the most out of the tyres.”  One competitor got a “Pink Pig” tribute tractor fitted with a spoiler, giving an obvious advantage in downforce.  Patrick Long emerged victorious after leading from lights-to-flag.  A good, if somewhat silly, time was had by all.

Photos Courtesy Porsche

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