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New Mongolian Event

The continuing impact of the COVID pandemic has triggered a postponement of the 2022 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge until June of 2023.  However, the HERO-ERA team have provided some optimism for 2022 in the form a Mongolian event for competitors to experience the sheer joy and freedom of competition by day and camping at night in the vast and beautiful Gobi Desert, as an adventure competition to be held on 5-22 June.  The Trans Mongolian Motor Challenge 2022 will be set in the vast and remote Mongolian desert, with nights under canvass and the stars.  The Gobi Desert landscape and its desolate beauty will become the base for a cross desert route that hasn’t been used since 2007 and a final ‘Hinti’ loop, that for HERO-ERA, has remained untrodden since they ran the reincarnated P2P through Mongolia in 2007.

HERO-ERA Chairman, Tomas de Vargas Machuca, explained the decision.  “The P2P event has been hampered by China’s borders being firmly shut and, according to information presented in the Wall Street Journal, corroborated by our agents on the ground, likely to remain so until next June.  It has, however, accelerated the decision to produce a purely Mongolian event that provides a deep dive extreme motoring adventure set in a genuinely desolate part of the world.  Just as with the recent Olympics, although scheduled for 2023, the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will be dated the 2022 event with 2025 on stream after that.”

HERO is certainly optimistic with a full calendar of events for 2022, that, besides its staple events such as the Rally of the Tests, Le Jog, and other UK-based rallies,  includes rallies in Morocco, South America, and the Temple Rally, which goes from Athens to Rome in September of next year.  Beyond that, they have published a full schedule of events stretching out to 2025.

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