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NET-HERO is an innovative platform to help motorists around the world to offset their carbon footprint.  A simple to use web-based app available in five languages, it allows drivers to accurately calculate the greenhouse gas emissions for new and classic cars.  First, motorists enter their vehicle’s details to calculate its carbon footprint.  Secondly, they can contribute to high quality carbon projects by purchasing from a custom AAA+ BeZero-rated offset basket, developed with decarbonisation specialists BeZero Carbon.  Every basket removes the greenhouse gas emissions generated by vehicle engines.  Finally, motorists will receive an email certificate and a custom vignette to show their status as an environmentally friendly driver.   NET-HERO is a stand-alone company (supported by HERO-ERA) called BeZero, who are experts in the field.  As a company HERO-ERA is already carbon neutral, and eventually all the entrants’ vehicles on its rallies will be carbon neutral on the events, as HERO will simply add the relatively low charges to the entry fee. 

…..And the HSCC

The Historic Sports Car Club has joined with other similar organisations in offsetting the carbon produced during its 2021 racing season. At a time when the climate is at the forefront of the news, the HSCC has off-set carbon produced via a UK tree-planting project under the guidance of Carbon Footprint Ltd.  The offset has been calculated to cover the Club’s entire racing season as well as the travel undertaken by Club officials during the season.  The calculation was based on the number of cars and laps completed during the HSCC racing season at realistic fuel consumption figures and working to the UK DEFRA emission statistics.  The carbon off-set will now be completed each season and it is hoped to develop the programme to take account of marshals’ travel and competitor pre-event testing. 

The carbon off-set builds on the Club’s initiatives to move to on-line documentation and reduce paper consumption, greater use of online meetings and other changes to procedures.

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