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Every year, the Circuit des Remparts d’Angoulême puts forward a car or marque that has contributed to the rich heritage of French motoring history and puts it in the spotlight.

In 2023 it was the Ballot marque, created by Ernest Ballot in the mid-1900s, and special exhibitions and a rally brought together a dozen examples of this forgotten French constructor.  

Motobloc at the at the 1908 French Grand Prix at Dieppe

In 2024, it is the Motobloc marque that will benefit from the visibility offered at this unique event on 13-15 September.  Created in April 1902 in Bordeaux, whose emblem it adopted, the “Société Anonyme des Automobiles Motobloc” distinguished itself by its many technological innovations, in particular the Schaudel patent for the engine block system which brings together the engine, clutch and gearbox in a single crankcase.  There are only about 20 Motobloc cars still in existence, and a selection of them will be at Angoulême this year.

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