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Scheduled for 6-8 November on the F1 track at the Paul Ricard circuit, this 24-hour event, unique in the world of historic competition, is decidedly back in favour after some lean times.  With a maximum of 60 grid spaces available, the list of confirmed entries has already exceeded 40 with nine months to go before the event, with another 40 having expressed interest.

Amongst the entries are Henri Leconte, who will be at the wheel of Eric Van de Vyver’s TVR Griffith 200, and Philippe Gache who will partner “John Doe” in his Chevron B36.  There will be family teams from Patrice Lafargue, whose IDEC Sport team is the reigning champion of the European Le Mans Series, and who will be sharing another B16 with his son Paul, while two TVR Griffith 400s will be driven by José Beltramelli and his sons Brady and Viny, and by  2019 French Champion Didier Gruau, joining forces with his talented heirs Julien and Ghislain Gaubert.  Brothers Matthieu and Jean-Baptiste Châteaux will drive a BMW 635 CSI entered by their parental team, while Jean-Jacques Mancel, the editor of the magazine Berlinette Mag will share his Alpine A310 V6 with his son Cyril.

Others will be coming from further afield with entries from well-known British, German, Dutch and Italian teams bringing cars as diverse as Porsche 911 2.3l ST and 964, Shelby Mustang GT350 (Sleep/Wykeham/Montgomery), Ford Escort MK 2 (Adriaans/Verkuijlen), Cesca Grac (Metzger/Kriknoff/Dubelly) and TIGA SC84.  Amongst the Touring cars are also BMW 325i and 530 iUS and Alfa Giulia Super.  Contact Laure Van de Vyver – who will be part of an all-female MGB team – for information and entries https://vdev.fr.

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