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Jerez Historic Festival

A weekend of celebrations, hosting the penultimate rounds of the Iberian Historic Endurance and Carrera Los 80s cars of the Race Ready organisation will take place on 21-22 October at the 4.4-kilometre Circuito de Jerez – Ángel Nieto.  The two-day event will offer two 50-minute races for the Endurance cars and two 40-minute races for the touring cars of the Los 80s series.  In addition, the Portuguese Championship Minis, Super 7 and Iberian Supercars will be racing.

Guest grids, enjoying two back-to-back events in the southern warmth before winter will be the Grand Prix cars of the HGPCA and a Lurani Championship round for Formula Junior.  Both these grids will go to the Algarve Classic Festival on the following weekend for their final rounds of the season.

Grand Finale at Estoril

Meanwhile, the Iberian Endurance cars will go on to their finale at Estoril on 2-3 December for their traditional 250km race into the night, where cars can be shared between two to four drivers.

New this year at Estoril for Race Ready, will be a revival of the Estoril 500km for modern GT and touring cars.  The 500km has always had the tradition of being a pre-Christmas event, where instead of gathering family and friends at the table, car racing enthusiasts come together in a team.  Following the example of the first edition of the Estoril 500km, held in May 1978 and then eligible for the European Touring Car Championship, the emphasis will be placed on team strategies and pit stops.

The organisation will provide re-fuelling pumps, meaning no additional equipment or personnel is needed.  In this race, which will last a maximum of three hours, and where the layout will include the challenging Curva do Tanque, each team can be made up of between two and six drivers.  With the aim of combining fun with driving and competitiveness with camaraderie, the Estoril 500km will be as inclusive as possible, leaving out only single-seaters and prototypes. 

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