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As the season comes to an end, it’s a good idea to check on your paperwork validity before you take your cars apart for a winter refresh, to be sure that you are ready to race again when next season starts, with no hold ups!

Sarah Mitriké of the Formula Junior Historic Racing Association reminds us of the following:

If your papers expire at the end of this year – 31.12.2023 – you can apply now, for an early renewal, at a reduced fee, instead of a full new application price.  You can double check the expiry date of your HTP if it’s not clear on your papers by visiting the FIA Historic Database and then selecting the HTP List on the top right, and searching your car/HTP number; https://historicdb.fia.com.

Once an HTP has expired, it must be renewed to be accepted at international competitions.

The process for renewal is the same as for a new application, however, if the renewal is submitted to the FIA before the expiry date, then the FIA HTP fee is reduced to €215.

In the UK, the Motorsport UK processing fee is also reduced with a 25% discount to £326, giving a total cost for an early renewal of £513, compared to £812 for a new application or expired renewal.  There are similar discounts in other countries (not France), contact your ASN for details.

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