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With backing from the FFSA and the Ministry for Sport, organiser HVM gave numerous reassurances that the Historic Tour Albi, first round of the French Championships, could go ahead.  It was only on 6 April that the Prefecture asked HVM to postpone the event, which was to take place three days later, on the weekend of 9-11 April, leaving both organisers and competitors disappointed to have got so close.   The event is now rescheduled for 9-11 July.

In a further blow only a week later, HVM was forced to re-schedule their Historic Tour Dijon round too, which will now take place on 6-8 August.

“We were optimistic that we would be able to maintain the Historic Tour d’Albi on the initial dates, as this event was fully within the scope of professional events authorised by the Ministry in charge of sports and the FFSA.  This had been clearly confirmed to us “, commented Laurent Vallery-Masson of HVM.  “Caution requires us to postpone the Dijon meeting now to avoid the risk of a Prefectural veto at the last moment, such as the one we were faced with for Albi.  We were obviously sorry for our competitors to have to make such a late announcement and we don’t want to do that again.  Beyond that, as we did in 2020, our objective is to succeed in maintaining all five rounds of the French Historic Circuit Championships this year.”

The new Historic Tour calendar is:

Historic Tour Albi, 9-11 July

Historic Tour Dijon, 6-8 August

Historic Tour Val de Vienne, 3-5 September

Historic Tour Charade, 24-26 September

Historic Tour Lédenon, 22-24 October

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