Happy Few Racing to Become Happy Many – Gran Trofeo – the Biggest Rally in the World

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Rally organiser Laurent Blomet, founder of Happy Few Racing – which specialises in family rallies, for father and daughter, father and son, mother and son, etc. – has launched a new app that allows anyone to participate in regularity rallies across Europe and even compete against one another. With numerous itineraries in a multitude of countries, anyone can call up a regularity route any time on their phone from anywhere. The app supplies the route and the timings, and tracks participants to create an overall classification amongst all competitors. 1500 routes are currently available, comprising some classic rally stages. First prize for the 2021 winner will be a Maserati MC 20 supercar! In the words of Blomet, “Open to everyone, you just need a car and a phone. Choose one of the thousands of routes available and get behind the wheel to join the biggest rally in the world.” See https://www.instagram.com/grantrofeo/ for details.


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