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Having just missed last month’s issue, Dunlop’s HP Tyres made an important announcement from their sumptuous stand at Race Retro that has put a welcome end to all the suspense about the supply of authentic, period spec tyres from 2024 when Avons will no longer be produced.  Not only did Dunlop and its parent company Goodyear reiterate their support for the Dunlop historic range of L and M-section tyres by officially announcing the renewal of all the old moulds of all the sizes of the Dunlop historic range, but Dunlop’s parent company Goodyear, had further good news for historic racers.  

Putting the single seater racing fraternity out of its misery Goodyear finally officially confirmed that it will bring in a range of period spec tyres for historic F1 and F2 cars.  These will be tested during the 2023 season with a view to making them available before the demise of Avon leaves these cars stranded.  The extra good news is that Goodyear will also be producing a range of all-weather tyres for sports cars from the 1960s to the 1990s, something that was not expected only a few weeks ago.  We spoke to an optimistic Goodyear spokesman who could not confirm future additions to the range, but who was confident that Goodyear would be responsive to demand.  The organisers of races for these cars are cautiously optimistic about these developments, and are still talking with other tyre manufacturers while waiting to see the results of the Goodyear testing.

HP Tyres

For 2023, several of the Dunlop L and M-section product lines will be manufactured using brand-new moulds, demonstrating the brand’s commitment and investment in the future of historic racing.  “Very few tyre manufacturers have the long history of success that Goodyear and Dunlop have across single-seater, endurance and touring car racing, and even fewer have such a vast range of sizes and specifications,” commented John Pearson of HP Tyres.  “We are proud to represent both brands as we grow the historic tyre range for the future.” 

The reintroduction by Goodyear of the 1970s and 1980s F1 tyre range coincides with the 125th anniversary of the American giant.

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