Generation Rallying, or Welch’s Panda Adventures

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Last September we reported historic racer and preparer Jeremy Welch’s adventures on the Panda Raid, which he did with 20-year-old daughter Arabella.  This year it was younger daughter Emily’s turn to head to Morocco with her dad to spend six days travelling over 1200kms of Morocco’s toughest off-road terrain including endless sand dunes, dry riverbeds and rock fields in a classic Fiat Panda.

Photos Courtesy Panda Raid

“It was absolutely great, much colder than last year, with snow on the last day,” enthused Jeremy, who has really taken to desert driving.  “We were running eighth on the second day [from a field of over 340 Pandas], then down to 32nd, back up to 23rd on the penultimate day, but unfortunately got lost on the last day, which dropped us to 41st!  Now I have two girls who both want to do it again, so it looks like a two-car team for 2025!”

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