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Brooklands’ rich motorsport history is celebrated each year on the weekend closest to the anniversary of the original opening of the racetrack on 17th June 1907.  This year on 17-18 June the two-day event, which includes the famous Double 12 competition, will once again see pre- and post-war cars tackle the speed sprint races on Saturday and the “Pride of Brooklands” Concours competition on the Sunday.  Cars will also be running on the famous, and daunting, Test Hill.

Photo John Retter

The Brooklands Double Twelve, first run in 1929, was the Junior Car Club’s solution to the problem of running a 24-hour race at Brooklands.  Overnight racing had been banned at Brooklands shortly after the course opened in 1907 when SF Edge drove non-stop for 24 hours, setting a world record but earning the wrath of local residents.  In the Double Twelve, cars ran for two 12-hour stints from 8am to 8pm and were locked away overnight in secure garages so they could not be worked on in between.

The Museum and the whole Brooklands site is opened for the weekend, and there are jazz bands, food stalls, children’s activities, vendors’ stalls, workshops and parades, to keep all ages entertained.  Contact for entries.

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