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British Racing Motors has confirmed that one of its run of three BRM P15 V16 cars, which are being manufactured by Hall and Hall using original blueprints and drawings from the BRM archive, is to be purchased by Richard Mille.   Historic racing fan, sponsor, and collector, Richard Mille, has the world’s most extensive collection of BRM racing cars including a recently restored original MK1 BRM V16 and a superb original P30 V16 MK2.  The all-new P15 V16, which is being built to celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary, will be added to his collection, when complete.

“I have been a huge BRM fan for many years,” said Mille, “ever since I started collecting historic cars more than 15 years ago.  I knew I was becoming serious about BRM when I invested in the wonderful P115 H16 – but there is something I find particularly fascinating about the V16.  Not only is it, to my eye, the most beautiful Formula 1 car of its time, but it is also the most technically complex, particularly if you think about the technology of the day.  Anybody who knows my watches, will know that I admire technical complexity.”

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