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In our July issue we announced that Coryton have put on sale a biofuel, SUSTAIN Classic,  designed specifically for classic vehicles that promises a reduction of at least 65% in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to fossil fuels.  This is available to the public at Bicester Heritage.  Now another step has been taken to introduce reduced-emission fuel to the UK market with the announcement that distribution company, Nemesis Ltd, is to become the official UK importer and distributor of fossil-free synthetic fuel brand P1 Fuels.  

A wide variety of cars from pre-WW1 to F1 have already run on P1, demonstrating the viability of the 100% fossil-free fuel and Nemesis will bring this to the UK market.  As the synthetic fuel from P1 Fuels acts in the same way as pump petrol without the ethanol content, which can be damaging to older cars, it makes it simple and practical as well as sustainable.

Martin Popilka, CEO and Founder of P1 Fuels says he is, “committed to accelerating the decarbonization of both road cars and the world of motorsports.  As a direct replacement for fossil fuels, P1’s synthetic petrol alternative can be used in cars and trucks with combustion engines with no modifications necessary.  We aim to provide a replacement for fossil fuels and decarbonise the 1.6 billion combustion engine road cars.”

A German company, with distributors in EU countries, P1 has set up an outlet for its fuel at a Berlin filling station for the German government’s Berlin fleet of cars, a good 95 percent of which are still internal combustion vehicles.  Unlike the electricity used to power most electric cars, the electricity required to produce the fuel, including the electrolysis of hydrogen, is generated only from renewable energy sources.  

P1 already supplies all the runners in the FIA World Rally Championship and the FIA Karting Championship.  It fuelled Sebastian Vettel’s ‘Race without Trace’ initiative at Goodwood and next year will be the fossil-free fuel partner of the Silverstone Festival.  The Mercedes Benz Museum cars on the Mille Miglia and supercars on the 2023 Gumball Rally are also supplied by P1 Fuels.  Contact Nemesis for direct purchases for teams and businesses in the UK, and watch this space for further information about sales outlets…

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