Aléria Historic Rally Capanaccia And Deveza – Double the Stakes

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Frédéric Lombard Reports

Dominique Savignoni, Sabrina De Castelli and ASA Restonica have seen their efforts rewarded this year, with their gravel rally in the Aléria region of Corsica becoming part of the French Gravel Rally Championship.  With two rallies in the same week of 29 Mai, 3 June, the crews could enter the asphalt rally with 10 special stages or take part in the gravel rally with 10 timed sections.  Drivers could either participate with the same car in both events, change mounts for each rally or do only one event of their choice.

Gravel expert Deveza was unstoppable ,taking his second win in a row in the rally ‘terre’ and in the contest for the overall Trophy Photo Bastien Roux

At the start of the asphalt rally, 20 VHC crews and 7 VMRS (Véhicule Moderne de Régularité Sportive- this class consisted of a few modern cars, mostly Porches, that ran behind the historic cars) set off late on Monday afternoon for a prologue.  Immediately, Christophe Casanova, winner in 2021, scored the scratch stage win, followed by 2022 winner Olivier Capanaccia 7secs behind and tied with Pierre Vivier, the first three driving BMW M3s.   Alain Deveza, with his usual co-driver Maxime Vilmot, was fifth in his Porsche 911 SC, aiming for the asphalt and gravel combined trophy. 

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