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Plans for the 2024 Eifel Rally Festival are already well advanced, and entries have been open since 1 February.  Within a couple of days more that 100 applications were received.  Cars from almost fifty different manufacturers, from Alfa Romeo to Wartburg have participated in the past 11 editions and almost three hundred different models. “Our aim is to present the fans with the most comprehensive range of manufacturer and model types ever seen in one place.  However, this also means that we will not be able to allow too many cars of one type but will pay particular attention to diversity when making our selection,” explains co-organiser Reinhard Klein, who is the head of Slowly Sideways, the Europe-wide association for owners of historic rally cars. “There will be a reunion with the cars that have shaped the history of rallying all the way from the 2-stroke Trabant via the Group B cars to the WRCs”.

Participants and fans who attend the 12th edition of the Eifel Rallye Festival on 15-17 August can once again look forward to a special experience as organisers intend to document the diversity of rally history as comprehensively as possible.  Thus, this year’s motto is “Rally Cars from A to Z”.  Entries are available at

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