80th Members’ Meeting

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The 80th Members’ Meeting at Goodwood, scheduled for 15-16 April will see the return of some firm favourites as well as some innovation in the timetable.

The Gerry Marshall Trophy race for Group 1 saloon cars of the 1970 to 1982 era, will be renamed the Gordon Spice Trophy and will consist of two heats and a final, honouring  one of motor racing’s most colourful characters.  Also for touring cars, new this year will be the Jim Clark Trophy.  This will be a race where owners are asked to lend their Ford Lotus Cortinas to VIP racers.  Thirty highly competitive Cortinas are expected on the grid.  

After a year’s absence, the S.F. Edge Trophy for Brooklands-type cars that raced before 1923 is back with two short races, on Saturday and Sunday, while the later pre-war racing cars get the new name of the Nuvolari Trophy.  Moving into the post-war era, the Tony Gaze Trophy for GT cars up to 1954, and the pre-‘63 GT Moss Trophy races will remain on the timetable, as will the Salvadori Cup for sports racing cars, such as D-type Jaguars, 300S Maseratis, and Tojeiros.

The youngest cars racing at the meeting will be in the Gurney Cup when a fleet of Ford GT40s and McLaren M1As will take to the track alongside Porsche, Elva and Lotus.

And of course, motorcycles are never forgotten at Goodwood and the Hailwood Trophy races will host 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix Motorcycles up to 1983 and Formula 750 motorcycles up to 1972 with the first 4-stroke across the line set to win the Sheene Trophy.

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