Special Stage and Mixed Competition/Regularity Rallies 2020

The main European Series and Championships are listed below.
Dates may change, so do check with organisers.

*Denotes provisional date

Please send us any additions and corrections you may have.

Rallies shown in bold type count towards the FIA European Historic Rally Championship

After all the changes and cancellations, we have compiled this calendar for easy reference as to what racing is available to you for the rest of the season. Dates in green are new dates for meetings that were postponed earlier in the year.  Otherwise dates are as per original schedule.

31 August-5 September, Tour Auto (Mixed), Peter Auto

11-20 September, Rallye Balkan Classic, http://balkanclassic.com

17-19 September, Rallye Elba Storico, www.rallyelbastorico.it (Mixed)

5-10 October, Tour de Corse Historique (Mixed), www.tourdecorse-historique.fr

15-17 October, Rallye du Valais Historique https://riv.ch Cancelled

15-22 October, Carrera Panamericana, www.lacarrerapanamericana.com.mx

27-31 October, Gravel Roumania Rally Cancelled

6-7 November, Historic Vltava Rallye, www.pamk.cz 

27-28 November, Rallye Asturias Historico, www.rallydeasturias.com Cancelled

1-5 December, Maroc Historic Rally

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