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Niek van Gils did a track day at the renewed Zandvoort Circuit and loved it!



Then and Now: The 1967 Dutch Grand Prix and the most recent works at Circuit Zandvoort

As a classic racing driver (TVR Griffith and Lotus Elan) I practice quite often with my BMW M3 E46 on track days, so off I went to the new Zandvoort on Thursday 27 February with DF Trackdays.  Leaving at 04.30 in the morning (I live in Belgium) I was on track by 09:00. It was FANTASTIC!!  Stayed out for three hours without stopping and loved it.  It is still the Zandvoort I know, where I have been racing for 30 years, but now with two wonderful new corners and a nice escape road at Tarzan corner.  So if you have the possibility to race there go for it.  Take the Masters or NKHTGT series for good racing.  You will love it!!

MAGAZINE  >  BITS & PIECES > New-Look Zandvoort

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