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Motor Racing Legends has announced a new grid for the 2020 season - the Sixties Touring Car Challenge.  To be run for Group 1 and Group 2 cars that were eligible for the European Touring Car Championship from 1966 to the end of 1969, the series will also encompass the current U2TC grid for pre-’66 cars, but importantly, will stick to the U2TC under 2 litre formula.  The new series gives a home to Mk2 Lotus Cortinas, BMW 2002s, Alfa Romeo GTA variants, early Mk 1 Ford Escorts, Mk 2 Minis, Lancia Fulvias and a host of other small-engined cars that have hitherto been poorly served.

Photo Oliver Flower Courtesy MRL

Duncan Wiltshire of Motor Racing Legends, who took over the running of the U2TC grid last year, commented, “Late 1960s touring cars owners have suffered from a real void of racing opportunities so we look forward to welcoming them onto the grid. Previously, U2TC has been one of the most competitive series in historic racing, and by expanding the grid to allow ’66 to ’69 cars we are guaranteed to see some good competitive racing across our five rounds in 2020”.

On the technical side, Motor Racing Legends are also confirmed that cars running electronic ignition will now be accepted in the Sixties Touring Car Challenge and U2TC grid.  This will bring the series into line with other series, such as HSCC and Masters Touring cars.

The Sixties Touring Car Challenge will feature at all five Motor Racing Legends events in 2020, including a return to the Silverstone Classic, at which U2TC has raced every year bar one, since the series’ inception in 2005.

MAGAZINE  > LATEST NEWS > Sixties Touring Car Challenge with U2TC: Preview

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