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The French Championships concluded at Val de Vienne on the weekend of 26-27 October (see our report page 46) with Didier Gruau and Frédéric Rouvier crowned respectively as GT/Tourisme and Monoplaces/Prototypes champions, Rouvier for the second year running.  Both won two out of two races at the Vigeant weekend, Gruau driving his TVR Griffith 400 in the ASAVE´65 series and Rouvier in his Martini MK34 in Classic F3.  The 61 year-old Gruau won every ASAVÉ 65 race this year, with the exception of one at Albi where he took second place, in a car with exceptional reliability.  Racing instructor Rouvier, who started his driving career in 1995, racing a variety of cars and even motorbikes, likewise won 9 out of 10 Classic F3 races throughout the season in his Blue is Blue team Martini.  Congratulations to the Champs!

Didier Gruau (le ) and Frédéric Rouvier with Historic
Tour promoter Laurent Vallery-Masson Photo Guy Pawlak

MAGAZINE  >  LATEST NEWS  > French Champions

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