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Dust off your hippy gear, or if you’re too young to have any, go out and get some – it’s the Woodstock Revival! Live music concerts are a firmly established attraction at the Silverstone Classic Festival and each year organisers try to find a blend of music that is in keeping with the age of the cars and the retro spirit of the whole event. What better opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock mega festival than to bring Woodstock bands to Northamptonshire this summer? In what is believed to be the biggest Woodstock golden birthday party outside of North America, all seven bands performing at the Classic over the two days will boast strong musical links to the glorious festival in upstate New York that totally rewrote rock history. Moreover they will all be performing many of the more notable songs from those legendary sets. To jog memories a special Spotify playlist has been created of some of the classics that will be enjoyed this summer while celebrating Woodstock at the Silverstone Classic:

Below is the list of FIA Historic Motor Sport Commission members for 2019. Note: The President of the Technical Working Group has not yet been appointed

One of the scourges of modern life is the computer algorithm that allows variable pricing according to demand. We have long since become used to airlines doing this, and now hotel web sites and B&B sites do the same. We have been told that supermarkets and shops will soon be using digital displays to price their items so that they can alter the prices throughout the day depending on peak demand times and/or an item’s popularity, thereby divorcing the price of the goods from their cost of production. Suppliers will simply charge whatever they think they can get away with. To paraphrase P.J. O’Rourke, who said quite some time ago, “The whole reason the computer was invented was so that we could make sure that no two people on any given flight would pay the same price for their ticket.” We could update that now to include just about everything we purchase. But race fees? As more and more organisers turn to online entry forms, technology is making it possible for them to use the same algorithms to price their race fees. This means that races that are in high demand will automatically become more expensive and that someone entering today may not be paying the same price as someone who entered yesterday or who enters tomorrow.

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