Alfa Revival Cup 2018 - Misano World Circuit

Season Finale

The Misano World Circuit hosted the sixth and final round of the seventh Alfa Revival Cup season on October 20-21. GTAm Alfas dominate the overall podium but the season champion is decided on class points and Index of Performance. The title would be decided at Misano between Salvatore Rizzo driving a Giulia Sprint GTA and Luigi Mercatali in a GT Veloce 2000.

After free practice on Friday pole position went to series regular Roberto Arnaldi, with only two tenths of gap to Massimo Guerra/Antonio Crescenti in the GTAm of the Scuderia AB Motorsport, managed by Team Carrera.

At the rolling start of the one hour race with mandatory pit stop, Arnaldi took the lead in his Group 5 GTAm, with Davide Bertinelli jumping Massimo Guerra from the second row slotting in behind. The Guerra car maintained third place until after the pit stops when, now in the hands of Crescenti, the engine expired. OKP Engineering’s Mathias Körber battled with fellow GTAm drivers Fabrizio Zamuner and Massimiliano Bettati for fourth place, which became third after Crescenti’s demise, the place finally going to Zamuner.

The class positions for Rizzo and Mercatali remained in suspense until the last laps of the race, with Rizzo unable to keep pace with Swiss Michael Erlich’s GTA, which finished an excellent sixth overall, leaving Rizzo to take second in the class. In the Mercatali camp, son Niccoló led his class until the pit stop when father Luigi took over. A mechanical difficulty during the stop set the pair back and Luigi re-emerged third in the class and unable to recover his position. This handed Salvatore Rizzo the 2018 Alfa Revival Cup title. Marco Milla and Gilles Giovannini won the class for the smallest cars in their Giulietta Ti.

Luigi Mercatali remained in second place in the title bid. Although on the same points as Giovanni Serio, also driving a GTA, his higher number of podiums gives him precedence. Series winner Rizzo also wins the organic Parmesan cheese wheel offered by producer Bio Hombre, symbolically delivered to him directly by Matteo Panini.