Rally News December 2018

Boucles de Bastogne

Entries for the 2-4 February, 2019 Legend Boucles @ Bastogne are open and entry forms are on line for competitors in the ‘Challenger’ and ‘Classic’ categories keen to tackle a course spread over the Provinces of Liège and Luxembourg on Saturday, prior to the major run, quite unique of its kind, in the snowy forests around Bastogne on the Sunday. See the event’s official website, www.racspa.be/2019/lb2019.

Championnat de France des Rallyes VHC

Starting in 2019, the French Historic Rally Championship Index of Performance classification will be replaced by a “Challenge Petites Cylindrées”, for cars under 1600cc from whatever class.

Groupe 1 (Touring) up to 1600cc

Groupe 2 (Competition Touring) up to 1400cc

Groupe 3 (GT) up to 1600cc

Groupe N up to 1600cc

Rally the Globe

An ambitious new endurance rally club has been launched by Fred Gallagher, a man with a rallying CV that dates back to 1975 when he was a WRC co-driver. Since then he has partnered some of the most famous names in rallying, been a member of the FIA Rally Safety Group, been Clerk of the Course, Steward, and FIA Observer on WRC rallies, consulted on innumerable events, been Chairman of the FIA WRC Rally Regulation Working Group, co-founded the Tour Britannia for classic cars and most recently acted as Rally Director for the Endurance Rally Association until that organisation entered into the HERO fold. And that is just a partial list of his rally credentials!

Gallagher, with the support of a group of influential endurance rally participants has gathered an experienced team (“…a new name but we’re old hands”) and devised an ambitious programme of events for pre-1976 cars for his new, non-profit club, Rally the Globe. Beginning with the evocatively titled ‘Carrera Iberia’ in October 2019, providing entrants with the best possible driving in Spain and Portugal, with race circuits and historic hotels on the menu, in 2020 it will be East Africa for the inaugural ‘Southern Cross Safari’ set in Kenya and Tanzania.

And then – the big one. Very much living up to the new club’s name – comes the ultimate round the world rally. Combining both adventure and endurance, this zenith of all road trips will be split into three sections: from London to Casablanca via the Sahara; from New York to Anchorage, Alaska and the third from Vladivostok in eastern Russia back to London. The rally will be staged over a total of 70 days between May 2020 and June 2021. Participants will be able to compete in one, two or all three legs. The ultimate prize will be to complete – or even win– the Round The World title.

A number of equally spectacular events are also in the pipeline. “It’s an ambitious and exceptional programme that really underlines our philosophy of providing those possessing a true spirit of adventure with memorable drives through parts of the world that they probably wouldn’t otherwise ever see or savour,” said Gallagher, who will act as Rally Director. His ambition is to, “Share the highs and lows of life on the road and be part of the next phase of the endurance rallying tradition started by the legendary Phillip Young.”

For more information visit www.rallytheglobe.com.

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